Just $150 Per Class

A full semester for the price of a month of typical Tae Kwon Do

Tuition for fall 2022 is a flat $150 per class.  Tuition covers Curious Minds Classroom instructional videos, class-included seminars, and access to scheduled office hours and the student forum.

Books, project kits, supplies, or other special materials are not included in tuition.  However, we are cost conscious and maximize use of  high-quality public-domain materials, books and DVD’s likely to be available through public libraries, materials likely to already be in your kitchen or laundry closet, open source software, and inexpensive technologies like Arduino micro controllers and Raspberry Pi single board computers.   We also seek to maximize re-use of components and materials between classes.

Families with students joining the classroom in 2022 can lock in the 2022 rate as a Founding Family provided at least one Founding Family student remains enrolled in at least one course per semester, and the family completes two brief feedback surveys per enrolled course (one mid-way, and one upon completion).  If a Founding Family needs to take a break from participation but would like to maintain their Founding Family status for future enrollments, they can submit a request with justification via the contact form or direct communication with either Elizabeth or Doc Johnson.