As your student progresses through the high school level liberal arts material at Curious Minds Classroom, she will learn to study grammar and writing skills, effectively edit other students’ papers, develop computer and video editing skills, make connections from history that help understand events happening today, and work on public speaking and communication skills.

We come to our courses with a Judaeo-Christian, liberty-minded, free-market perspective, and the course content will reflect that. As a result, we will not be endorsing or propagating concepts such as Critical Race Theory, modern concepts of social justice and gender theories, or post-modern deconstructionist analysis. We will tackle topics such as racism, politics, economics, betrayal, war, communism, and other philosophies that tear at the seams of Western Civilization.

In our classes, your student has the opportunity to develop and voice his or her own opinions regardless of whether it aligns with our personal philosophies. Family discussions are central to helping your child explore ideas and form opinions. This is where your role as parent is crucial. We will occasionally include family discussions as part of an assignment.

Literature and Western Civilization classes beginning at the 8th grade level are purposefully integrated. These courses emphasize the following skills and abilities: how to ask questions, how to think, how to organize thoughts, how to make connections, and how to express those thoughts.

Western Civilization Foundations

This class will survey the major influences in Western civilization including the ancient Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, and European influences through the late 18th century. This class is project-based, and will guide students through building a significant event timeline, leading thoughtful family discussions, and writing essays on key topics. Future courses will delve more deeply into key periods along the timeline. The class is suitable for students from eighth through twelfth grade.

See additional sample lessons on the CuriousMindsClassroom YouTube channel.

Shakespeare Guild Master

In this class we’ll discuss human nature, English history, poetic forms, and how to read and understand the richness of Shakespeare’s texts. In the process we’ll learn to ask and answer probing questions, practice public speaking, and put thoughts in writing. This class is appropriate for students eighth through twelfth grade.

Additional sample videos are available on the Curious Minds Classroom YouTube channel.