Discussing hard topics doesn’t have to be hard

Dinnertime Deprogramming is a series of short topics designed to facilitate a family discussion on an important topic, and is included free with any paid course. Topics will often address misconceptions, errors, and misrepresentations that are prevalent in public discussion about government, individual responsibility, liberty, justice, history, economics, philosophy, and any other topic we feel is important.  The format will vary, but will often be formulated around a set of questions to guide discussion.  In addition to the discussion guide, we will also link to or provide supporting materials to help inform your answers.

Dinnertime Deprogramming content is currently on hold while we finalize our core course content for the coming year.  We will post an update in the forums and on the newsletter when we have topics ready for you to tackle.  If you have a topic you are particularly interested in, you can submit a request via the contact form.